INTRO TO POLE (Introductory Level)

Are you brand new to Pole Fitness? This is the class for you. In this class you will learn the basics and fundamentals of Pole Fitness. Basic twirls, spins, floor work, transitions and combinations will be taught in this class to give you everything you need to confidently move up to Level 1. While we can not suggest the number of classes needed to move up to Level 1, if you are consistent with this class, you could potentially move up to Level 1 in a few short months. We recommend taking this class until you are advised by the Owner, Pinki, that you are allowed to move up to Level 1. (Please review the Q&A section of our website for answers about attire, policies, parking, etc.)

POLE LEVEL 1-2 (Beginner Level)

Finally out of Intro! Level 1/2 will focus on mastering all the movements taught in the Intro to Pole class and will focus on harder variations of those movements. You will learn more difficult spins, variations, climbs, inverts and all necessary pre-requisites to advance to Level 3. We recommend taking this class until you are advised by the Owner, Pinki, that you are allowed to move up to Level 3.

POLE LEVEL 3 (Intermediate Level)

A lot of time spent in the air. All the moves you have previously learned, aerially! This class will focus on movements learned at the top of the pole. Aerial shoulder mounts, aerial inverts, etc. We recommend taking this class until you are advised by the Owner, Pinki, that you are allowed to move up to Level 4-5.

POLE LEVEL 4-5 (Advanced Level)

The most advanced level of classes we offer. You will learn lots of flips, kips and power moves in this class.

POLE LEVEL 1-3 (Mixed Level Class)

This is a class best suited for level 1-3 students. This class is NOT recommended for Intro students. The class is taught in stages where the beginner students will learn the easier parts of the movements being taught and the movements will progress for the higher level students in the class.

POLE LEVEL 3-5 (Intermediate/ Advanced Level Class)

Level 3,4 & 5 students are welcome to attend this class. This class is NOT recommended for students under Level 3.

CLIMBING & INVERTING (Levels 1+ and Levels 1-3)

This is a class that has a main focus in Climbing and Inverting. You will learn different ways to maneuver up and down the pole using various climbing and inverting positions. This class is NOT recommended for Intro students.


Do you have an obsession with Olga Koda and all the other amazing Russian Pole Celebrities? Come learn how to dance like them in this super sexy class. KNEE PADS AND SHOES ARE MANDATORY FOR THIS CLASS! This class is not recommended for Intro students. (if you have experience from other studios, you are welcome to join)


Super sexy and seductive class focusing on floor based movements such as leg waves, back rolls and splits! Knee pads, leg warmers or pants are required for this class. Don’t forget your heels, we LOVE doing heel clacks in this class. This class is not suggested for first time students however, Intro students who have taken at least 3+ Intro to Pole classes are welcome.


Let’s Get Liquid!!! All floor work and flow! Things you will need for this class: Tights, Leg Warmers or Thigh High Socks, Ankle Socks, Knee Pads, Long Sleeve Shirt and a Tank top! NO HEELS, I REPEAT NO HEELS!!! All students are welcome to attend this class, even first timers!


Stuck on a move you learned in class that needs more practice? Come in to Open Pole and practice. There is NO instruction in this class. You must have taken at least 3 Pole classes to attend Open Pole.

***FITNESS CLASSES (For ANY/ALL levels of students)


Enjoy nice deep stretching through your legs, hips, back, chest and shoulders. Working on your splits and straddles? Look no further… THIS is the class to take to accomplish all of your flexibility goals.


Time to get sweaty!!! Run through various circuits using weights and your body for a Total Body Workout!!!


Join us in his one-hour intense calorie burning program designed to maximize and continue growing participants physical fitness goals. POLE BURN provides fun and challenging moves that will keep you focused, motivated, and hella hot. Each class is based on interval training, constantly rotating from cardiovascular exercises to body weight training without rest to develop the perfect functional physique.


This heart pounding class will leave you dripping with sweat. The most effective way to burn over 600 calories in under an hour! Equipment used includes 15lb body bars, resistance bands, ankle weights and free weights. Bring a sweat towel!!!!


Come breathe and stretch it out with us in our amazing Yoga class. Learn to focus on your breathing while allowing your body to flow through movements you never thought would be possible.


Do you LOVE wearing your heels but not so great at working out in them? This class is a HEELS class but NOT a Pole Class! Learn the mechanics of your shoes and how to transfer that momentum into your heel based Pole routines.

AERIALS (All Levels)

This is an Aerials class designed for all levels of students! You will learn the basic moves and combos on various apparatuses such as Lyra, Silks, Hammock, Pendulum Pole and Straps.


It’s the same Hip Hop class with a little twist, HEELS!!! Please wear your most comfy heels (DO NOT WEAR STRIPPER HEELS TO THIS CLASS)!!! Ankle booties, knee high boots, etc. – comfy and not too high!