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CBD Educational Blogs

For those unfamiliar with the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD), we suggest you read Hemp 105 (click here) and Hemp 106 (click here).  They describe the discovery of the endocannabinoid system and list many of CBD’s medical attributes.  To go directly to one of our CBD products, just go back to our home page (click here) and scroll down to your desired product or go directly to any one of our most popular products, our disposable vape pen (click here), our cartridges (click here), our 10 milliliter tinctures (click here), and our 30 milliliter tinctures (click here).  Fans of our CBD products can order PharmaXtracts merchandise and help us save the world one person at a time (click here).
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Now for the history of hemp and the rise of CBD:

Hemp 101:  1550-1910:  How hemp was introduced and became an accepted crop in North America. 
 In Hemp 101 we discuss how cannabis came to North America, how hemp was a required crop and needed to be grown to produce cordage and fabric, how cannabis was offered for sale and accepted as a medical remedy, and how smoking marijuana for its recreational benefit was considered fashionable (click here).Hemp 102:  1911-1940:  How prejudice, bigotry, misinformation and one man’s quest for power caused marijuana to become illegal.  In Hemp 102 we discuss how the use of marijuana was outlawed as a means of attacking the Hispanic and black communities, how the first Commissioner of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, Harry J. Anslinger, and billionaire newspaper baron and yellow journalist, William Randolph Hearst, disseminated false and prejudicial information about marijuana to successfully increase their own power and sell newspapers, and how truthful information was withheld from Congress leading to passage of the Marihuana Tax Act of 1937 bringing an end to American research into the medical properties of cannabis (click here).
Hemp 103:  1940-2008:  How ignorance and prejudicial politics continued to suppress cannabis.  In Hemp 103 we discuss how hemp farming made a comeback during World War II, but how prejudice, misinformation, and the failure of our politicians to follow the advice of expert panels led to most of the cannabis plant being classified a Schedule I drug (click here).

Hemp 104:  2009-2016:  America begins to accept marijuana and hemp.
  In Hemp 104 we discuss how marijuana is still illegal under federal law, how medical marijuana is legitimate, how a majority of Americans believe marijuana should be legalized, and how Congress has denied funding for the Department of Justice to prosecute medical marijuana and industrial hemp (click here).

Hemp 105:  The rise of cannabidiol (CBD)
  In Hemp 105 we discuss the discovery of the human endocannabinoid system, the extraction of cannabidiol (CBD) from industrial hemp, and how CBD is one of medicine’s greatest discoveries. (Good reading for those unfamiliar with CBD’s many benefits) (click here).

Hemp 106:  How CBD may help
  In Hemp 106 we discuss how CBD may help maintain one’s health by body part based on the latest scientific data. (Good reading for those unfamiliar with CBD’s many benefits) (click here).

Hemp 107:  The Department of Justice and the Food and Drug Administration have sought to ban a perfectly legal substance
  In Hemp 107 we discuss the legal protections afforded products made from industrial hemp and how the Department of Justice and the Food and Drug Administration have attempted to violate federal law to keep CBD off the market at the behest of Big Pharma (click here).

Hemp 108:  Can CBD help fight the opioid epidemic?
  In Hemp 108 we discuss how Big Pharma resorted to false advertising and doctor incentives to corruptly flood America with an oversupply of opioids and how CBD can help fight the opioid epidemic (click here).

Hemp 109:  The Trump Administration is acting in ways to discourage or slow down the development of medical marijuana and CBD and, instead, support Big Pharma.
  In Hemp 109 we discuss what the Trump Administration is doing to discourage or slow down the development of medical marijuana for the benefit of Big Pharma and the mixed signals it is presenting, that despite President Trump coming out in favor of state regulation of medical marijuana, Attorney General Jeff Sessions withdrew the Cole Memorandum that previously gave medical marijuana some protection from federal prosecution, and Sessions has blocked new applications to grow FDA approved cannabis for research, how the DEA has from time to time violated the law by raiding CBD distributors, and how the intent of Congress is to allow CBD to be freely marketed to customers in all states and territories (click here).

Hemp 110:  Donald Trump’s response to the opioid epidemic ignores Big Pharma’s complicity in creating the epidemic, ignores the benefits of switching opioid users to CBD, and resorts to threats of the death penalty.
  In Hemp 110 we discuss how President Donald Trump’s response to the opioid epidemic has been slight, has been marked by a series of unqualified and conflicted Drug Czar appointments, ignores Big Pharma’s complicity in creating the opioid epidemic, ignores the benefits of switching opioid users to CBD, and resorts to the same criminal threats, including threats of the death penalty, that have failed to win the War on Drugs for fifty years (click here).

Dosages:  How much to take?
  In this blog this writer discusses the recognition of CBD as a drug by the United States Food and Drug Administration with the licensing of the drug Epidiolex and how it differs from PharmaXtracts’ CBD tinctures, the safety issues Epidiolex is required to warn against, and what dosages this writer thinks best for given conditions (click here).

Did George Washington smoke pot?
  This blog makes the argument the father of our country smoked pot.  See if you don’t agree (click here).

Our legal basis for selling and shipping our CBD products to customers in all states and territories.
 This blog argues the law supports PharmaXtracts selling and shipping its CBD products to customers in all states and territories.  Get settled in for a long read.  Last updated August 28, 2018 (click here).