Have a Groupon or Living Social Voucher? Are you ready to start your classes? Please take the following steps to get started! We recommend doing this within 1 week of starting your classes. Once your Voucher is redeemed, you will have 90 days to use your classes.

Please visit clients.mindbodyonline.com to register yourself for an account through our booking system, MindBody. (If you already have a MindBody Account, you can skip this step).

Once your account is created please follow these remaining steps to ensure your classes get added to your account:

1. E-mail FlauntGroupon@gmail.com with your Full Name (as it appears on your account) and a screen shot of your Voucher. (Make sure the amount of classes and barcode are shown in the screenshot).

2. Allow 24 hours for your classes to be added. Upon completion of this step we will email you back confirming you are ready for registration.

3. Log back into your MindBody account and you will see your pass available at checkout. You will then be able to book your classes.

* Classes registration is open 1 week in advance. So you can not register for classes beyond 7 days at a time.
* If it is within 1 week and it says “Call” next to the class you are trying to register for, that means the class is currently Full. However, we typically have cancelations so check back at a later time for openings.

Please let us know if you have any additional questions! You can call or text us at 267-699-6636.


GROUPONS ARE FOR NEW STUDENTS ONLY! Once you purchase anduse your Groupon, Do NOT purchase another one- we will not honor it nor give you a credit for it. Once you Redeem your voucher through this process, you will have 90 days to use your classes. The voucher cannot be extended for any reason. The Voucher may only be used by 1 person. Classes from your Voucher cannot be gifted, transferred or shared! Please make sure you are aware of our Cancelation Policy! If you do not properly cancel a class, you will be marked as a NO SHOW and 1 of your classes will be removed. We do not tolerate No Shows. You MUST register for ALL CLASSES! NO WALK INS.